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fat freezing Toronto

How Does Fat Freezing Toronto Work?

A vacuum-helped handpiece attracts the fat region between two cooling plates. These cooling plates bring down the temperature of the fat cells to crystallization levels – the crystallization obliterates the fat cells, which are then cleared out of the body.

What do you get? Trimmer midsection, tummy, back, or other treated region. Fat “freezes” at a higher temperature than skin tissue, so your skin is never subjected to temperatures that could be destructive. Fat freezing Toronto’s innovation keeps up treatment temperature at a level that is viable and safe.

Logical Explanation

“The procedure exploits the way that adipocytes react diversely to cooling than cells that don’t contain noteworthy measures of fat. The procedure includes cooling adipocytes to close freezing (~12˚C), which causes crystallization of lipids however has little impact on non-lipid containing cells. Lipid crystallization triggers apoptosis and layer burst in adipocytes, discharging the lipids. Lipids are evacuated slowly through the lymphatic framework, lessening tissue volume.”

How Fast Does Fat Freezing Work?

The impacts of fat freezing Toronto are not right away, but rather happen after a few months, much like what you would experience on the off chance that you were eating less and practicing and getting rid of fat correctly with a healthy diet and exercise. A few patients see change inside the principal month, yet you should have patience and the results will come.

Does the Fat Come Back?

No, your fat cells are really decimated and won’t return. Everybody is conceived with a specific measure of fat cells. Fat freezing in Toronto removes around 20% to 25% of fat cells in the treated region.

Be that as it may, you are able to put on weight once more, any remaining fat cells in the treated zone have the inherent ability to grow. However they won’t have some of their “siblings and sisters” to grow alongside them as previously.

A Typical Fat Freezing Treatment

The procedure for the fat freezing treatment is basic and clear. You will be weighed, measured and stamped, photographs will be taken and your skin will be prepared to expel any oils or salves. A gel sheet will be put on the treatment region to additionally protect the skin, and after that the treatment applicator container will be set immovably over the zone.

You will feel a solid “pulling” sensation once the framework is turned on and the vacuum secures the fat tissue inside the glass. As the chilly level builds, you may feel some brief discomfort which dies down in around 5 minutes.

Dynamic treatment time per region is an hour. Once the treatment glass is evacuated, your skin will be to some degree red, exceptionally cool and feel practically like margarine. The tissues unwind rapidly and the redness dies down inside a hour or somewhere in the vicinity.

Conceivable Post-Treatment Sensations/Side Effects

A few patients report some transitory deadness or potentially shivering in the treated region. This will die down inside a couple days to conceivably half a month and is typical. Furthermore, you may likewise observe some slight swelling, wounding or redness.

See whether fat freezing is appropriate for you with a consultation at Bliss Med Spa today. We serve patients all through Toronto, including North York, Vaughan, and the rest of the greater Toronto area (GTA).

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