What is fat freezing sculpting ?

Do you have a bit of extra fat around your abdomen that you’d like to get rid of? Fat freezing treatment might be the option for you. Unlike other methods of fat removal, such as liposuction, which physically removes the fat from your body.

It’s a much less invasive option that other treatments, as it’s non-surgical and has little to no downtime. After your treatment, you can go back to your regular life right away. It usually takes several months for your results to appear, and you can double or triple your results by having the treatment two or more times.

Although This treatment destroys the treated fat, it’s not a magic bullet when it comes to weight loss. The treatment’s not recommended for people who are looking to lose a lot of weight. And, although the destroyed fat is gone for good, any remaining fat cells can get bigger if you end up gaining weight. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to get the most from your Fat freezing treatment now and in the years to come.

Diet and Exercising

Sadly, a series of fat freezing treatments doesn’t give you a free pass to eat however and whatever you’d like and to take up permanent residence on your couch. You’ll still need to pay attention to what you eat and make sure you exercise regularly.  Although you don’t have to make major changes to your habits and lifestyle after the treatment, you might find that you place more importance on eating well than you did before.

One way to improve your diet and help keep your weight steady after treatment is to focus on eating whole foods when you get, such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains and protein. Skip the frozen dinners and processed foods, which usually contain more calories than you need and are likely to help you gain, not maintain, your weight.

Exercise can also help you maintain your weight and fat levels after treatment . If you aren’t used to exercising or are used to a sedentary lifestyle, it’s a good idea to speak with your doctor before you start any type of exercise program, to avoid any injury or other health issues.

Fat freezing treatment isn’t a way to lose massive amounts of weight. If you’re 20 pounds or more overweight, you’ll want to speak with your doctor about weight loss options before you consider Fat freezing treatment Remember, Fat freezing treatment only removes about 25 percent of fatty tissue from the treated area. It won’t help with all-over fat loss or with a significant reduction in fat.

But, if you’ve got a few extra pounds to lose, say less than 10, fat freezing treatment can be a good way to get your weight loss going. Watching the fat fade away over the course of a few months can be the encouragement you need to shed those last few pounds, by improving your diet and exercise

You might be wondering if weight gain is possible after Fat freezing treatment After all, the treated fat cells are destroyed and flushed out of your system for good. While it’s true that you won’t gain back the fat that was removed after Fat freezing treatment, weight gain is still a possibility.

That’s because the process of gaining or losing weight is different from the process of destroying fat. When you lose weight, your fat cells shrink, making you smaller. When you add more pounds, you don’t gain more fat cells. Instead, the cells you do have become larger, so that you also become larger.